Advantages of team work

A great team makes the difference between failure and success.

In 1999, when I first became an entrepreneur, I was a consultant.

I worked at my own hours, didn’t answer to a boss and I determined my own success. But my potential to grow was limited as a one-person business.

To be on your own might be fun, exciting or interesting, but a one-person business can only expand only up to a certain limit.

In the long run, that first business of mine met with failure. In truth, it evolved into a new business, but the initial business was not so fortunate and failed!

My realization after 21 years working with some variegated companies, with several employees is that to build a great company that enjoys great success you need a great team.

Regardless of how much talent you have, and how much driven, smart or passionate you are, your ultimate success as an entrepreneur depends on your ability to create, maintain and inspire a team.

Advantages of team work? A flourishing leader is one who can motivate his or her team members to work together synergically toward a common vision and goals.

A good team can accomplish wonders for a small business owner since there is a combining or pooling of energies, intelligence and thinking.

If the team is working in a synergetic way, the potential to accomplish amazing things is unlimited.

To encourage your team members, you’ll have to meet and talk to them, of course.

I have grown to appreciate the value of short (15-20 minute) huddles rather than long-drawn boring meetings.

These power-packed rendezvous’ serve to align and inspire the team.

One effective way to begin or end a huddle is by sharing an example of a previous success that the company has had in the past.

Draw from that experience and absorb the team in that “winning formula” mindset. This will set up a mood of determination to succeed again.