Most inspirational book for entrepreneurs

I’ve read many books on entrepreneurship and start-ups but ….

Second Bounce of the Ball‘ by Ronald Cohen is definitely one which stands out for me.

Using his own expertise to rethink attitudes towards risk in business, Cohen explains the philosophy and mental framework that you require to be a successful entrepreneur.

Something important I’ve learnt from this book is that in business, everyone can see the first bounce of the ball.

It is the second bounce that is uncertain. As an entrepreneur, it is our role to take advantage of that uncertainty: for it is only in situations of uncertainty that significant gains can be made.

Case in point is the current state of uncertainty we are facing with regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Microsoft and Disney empires have one very important thing in common – other than the fact that they are both billion-dollar businesses and household names – they were both launched during a recession.

In other words, successful entrepreneurs must know how to turn risk into opportunity.

This book is great for entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs and all those who want to apply entrepreneurial approaches in their life.

This is one of the most inspirational book for entrepreneurs

It provides invaluable guidance about how to take advantage of business opportunity. The right people and the right money and the roles played by personality and luck. And underlines the importance of ethics.

If anyone else has also read this book…what is your take-home message?