Problem Solving That Accelerates Profits and VIP Growth

Perhaps you have been running your business for some time but have found that your profits have not been growing while your business growth somewhat stagnated. This has left you wondering how can a consultant help my business?

It’s a crucial question to ask but one that is likely to stir up intrigue and wonder, particularly when you begin to realise just how much a consulting firm can help your business thrive.

The reality is that every business is different and you can write a marketing plan that works for one business but is completely useless when it comes to implementing it into another business. As a result, consulting services provide a completely unique approach and an insight that many business owners fail to see because they become consumed with their business, which is natural. However, this can leave them feeling as though they are spending time and money on solutions that are not actual solutions but actually become a part of the problem. Despite all of this, I have the scope, the experience, the nous and the know-how to help take your business to a whole new level. I have a track record that speaks volumes, especially when I help to deliver tangible results and so, this service is designed to help target five specific areas, all of which will help to provide clarity and assistance in determining your next move.

How Do I Do it?

I place a focus on delving into your business and this includes looking at your business plan, your full-time employees and how you operate. The aim is to focus on five crucial areas:


I consider your profits, what impacts them and what can help them to grow.


Through getting to know your business, I can identify the correct approach, methods and strategies that help your business to flourish.


This is a crucial element of running a modern business. Fine-tune your marketing and your business can target the right audience with impressive results.


From top to bottom, I assess your entire team. Your business relies on each individual, all of which come together to create your team.


An integral part of ensuring you take a positive approach to business and every decision you make.

Shilpa Panchmatia

Through dissecting these areas, I can help you identify and support the foundations of your business that help to stimulate growth or even look at ways in which you can exit your business.

Whether you are a small business owner or you are the owner of a large business, problem-solving forms an integral part of running any business. Therefore, when you choose to hire consultants, you have to be prepared to listen, learn and follow, especially if your goal is to make a change. With my experience and understanding of running many successful businesses, my goal is to help you make better choices that have a positive impact on your business, personal life and your wellbeing.

Every good consultant has to take a unique perspective when working with large or small businesses. It’s not about consulting fees because it’s about achieving results. I create bespoke programmers that are tailored to business owners and their businesses. Taking a bespoke approach ensures that every aspect of my service encompasses the very needs and goals of each client.

Guaranteed Results Most of my clients see big improvements within three to six months. If you don’t get the results you wanted, I’ll give you your money back. No risk, no fuss.

The Growth & Profit Business Accelerator

My aim is to help accelerate your business growth to levels that take your business to new levels. Along with this, I can help you to master sales which in turn will increase revenue and that can help to inspire you to create the life that you have been striving for.

I call on my experience of working with businesses and through owning several businesses of my own to deliver a service that stands out. As a small business consultant, I  have the scope to deliver customised advice that you can trust and rely on. You’ll be shown and taught the skills required to address accountability while providing a level of support that you can call on whenever you need it. I become a part of your business, taking a unique approach when compared to that of other management consultants or project managers.

You’ll be given the confidence and belief as well as the business know-how to sell your services or products naturally and watch as your revenue increases.

The Growth & Profit Business Accelerator
The Growth & Profit Business Accelerator

How Do I Deliver The Service?

My consulting contract is implemented over a period of 12 months and as part of that, you will receive a cost-effective service that’s there when you need it.

I embrace clients approaching me for advice and guidance. It’s an important part of the process and so, my support is available continuously. This empowers them to take my tailored advice and implement it in a way that helps them take that next step. Unlike other services, I avoid the rigidity that comes with weekly or fortnightly meetings because ultimately, I become a part of your business. Call me a business partner, if you wish.

From operations to profits to human resources and the workforce, I cover every inch of your business, leaving no stone unturned. A business consists of many working parts and every part has to pull in the right direction to achieve success.

Despite this, I believe that a holistic approach is imperative to the success of my clients. Wellbeing underpins much of what we do and in business, wellbeing plays a significant role in the way in which you run your business. Therefore, my 5th pillar is wellbeing and my goal is to help you embrace life and enjoy the wonders that it has to offer and the way in which that can impact your business. I help you to look at your whole life because your personal life and your business life should work together harmoniously.

This Service Is Perfect For You If:

  • You have found success in business in the past and are now ready for a new and exciting challenge
  • You are 100% committed
  • You are eager to achieve huge results while embarking on a journey of mastery and success
  • You are exhausted with taking chances and you want your business to seamlessly move in the right direction.
  • You’d like to take a hands-off approach
  • You want to immerse yourself in the process and achieve exceptional results.

What I Will Do For You

  • Implement a bespoke plan for the 12 months ahead
  • I will guide, mentor and share my network and learnings, aiding your success
  • Help your business generate momentum
  • Help you seek out opportunities

What The Service Includes

  • Regular weekly coaching sessions to explore challenges and embrace success over a six month period
  • An initial two 90-minute sessions followed by further sessions after the first quarter
  • Accountability and support throughout
  • Bespoke materials that help you accelerate your progress
  • Start with a one-day Business Breakthrough Day to help determine your current business position, where you want to go while identifying your precise goals.
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