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Shilpa Panchmatia
London-based Small Business Consultant

This is a 100% confidential management consulting service that's non-judgemental and honest. I empower entrepreneurs to live extraordinary and give businesses tools to step up a level, leading to results that stand out.

If you are looking for a small business consultant from London (although in this day and age, distance is only measurable in broadband speed), you have found one focused on accessing the support you need to make better business and personal choices.

Running businesses has been a theme of more than two decades of my life, and in that time, I have owned and sold four different companies. And this gave me a clear insight into what it takes to create a business strategy that makes it possible to run a successful business. It takes facing daily pressures and dealing with problems. Both of these can leave you grappling with time as you attempt to find that balance between growth and enjoying life outside the company.

I completely understand that running a business is an ongoing challenge. Going it alone with the occasional input from friends and family and using online guides can leave you feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed. In fact, incorrect and unreliable guidance can cause damage. But all that can change.

If you find yourself in this position, then I am the small business consultant to implement the correct action, create a forward-thinking business plan, and make changes that benefit your business and upgrade life. 

I have experience working with small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurs with  multi-million portfolios on taking a more comprehensive approach to work and life. I use methodologies proven to work because they come underpinned with my experience. I’ve enjoyed the highs and managed the lows, all of which enabled me to deliver a first-class consultancy service and guidance that makes a difference. 

I am also a trained NLP coach, which means that I understand the correct methods and techniques that work in the long term. I am a mentor who isn’t here to tell you how to do things, but to suggest ways in which you change things so as to improve the outcome. Essentially, I give you the tools that allow you to understand the “how” and with this comes business success and a more rewarding life.

Now the questions is, what do you want to achieve.

I am your outside perspective; I am a creative thinker and I see business very differently to most. I love seeing the lightbulb go off when my clients understand the ideas I give them. Even more so when they implement those ideas and see instant results in their businesses.

Management Consulting

It’s a passion, and a fire within me that drives me to bring out the best in people. Through development, guidance and a direct approach, I work with my clients to develop and expand their business leadership capabilities in a way that other business consultants in London cannot match. This leads to success but also happiness – for both sides.

I use systems blended with business experience, expertise and passion, generating an energy that drives my clients towards their overall goal. It is an approach unique to me, and it is focused on results for my clients. Real-word experience and personal guidance grow my clients’ profitable businesses while finding that perfect work-life balance.


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