Advantages of checklist

It’s been shown that using a simple checklist can help people like pilots, astronauts & surgeons minimise errors that can mean the difference between life and death.

When you are working on your business you are probably multi-tasking and dealing with all sorts of distractions. This can make it easy to forget to do certain tasks or mean having to spend time trying to remember how to complete a specific activity.

When you are under pressure or rushing to complete something it is easy to forget a small but important step in your process. This is where checklists can be valuable to help you get things done.

You see the human mind doesn’t perform well when given difficult but repetitive tasks.

Here are my experiences with checklists.

✅ Checklists ensure that the essential tasks get done

✅ Checklists bring order to a chaotic mind.

✅ Checklists can save time.

✅ Checklists provide discipline and consistency for staff

Rather than relying on pen and paper to create your checklist, there are dozens of apps and templates available for a quick start. Use an app to make your checklist, then you can duplicate it each time for a quick run-through.

When you start…

1️⃣ Keep it short

2️⃣ Keep it simple

3️⃣ Break it down 

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