Finding confidence in yourself

Authenticity isn’t just leadership jargon.

It provides our customers and clients with feelings of trust.

It is a telling factor how a prospective consumer chooses to engage with you.

Individuals from every background oftentimes feel misplaced, lacking confidence or feel like an imposter in a given scenario.

In a meeting with your peers, they may even subtly feel just as out of place as you do.

You may even go to the extent of falsely believing that those around you see you as an imposter.

The masking insecurities and putting a false front is a commonly experienced human trait.

Some individuals think that they have no other option but to behave in that way. Their wish is to look fearless, wise and strong.

Could they be seeing this as resilience? Or perhaps authenticity?

Look, nobody’s perfect. We all have our flaws. Knowing and understanding who you truly are, giving respect to your own standards, values, ambitions and boundaries can help you feel more “real.”

You’ll have confidence in your own position rather than being an actor of sorts. Be yourself at work and in life in general. You’ll be so glad that you did! You will be true to yourself first and foremost…

Your productivity and open mindset are supported by authenticity. A major aspect of coaching with me is that we will collaborate on uncovering what your essence is; what is it that makes you special. We will you re-discover the leader within you to make your small business flourish.

The employee engagement by business owners who are dedicated to growing, cultivating and presenting the “real version” of themselves will increase exponentially. This style of leadership will inspire their supervisors and managers. Research in this area strongly alludes to this.

An ethos of trust and loyalty, which is woven into the work culture, which promotes honesty and transparency in communication, will form the basis of an open and thriving working environment. This will consequently show itself in the relationships we have with our clients.

The natural consequence of this is revenue growth.