Finding passion in work

As an entrepreneur, you will be using bucket loads of creativity, courage and ambition and also doing the not so creative stuff that always sits on your to-do list. Top that off with the demands of the market forcing business decisions – great than passion or choice.

It can feel like you are slightly pinned to the wall.

It is at these times that passion projects become true salvation.

Doing a passion project that excites & inspires you, piques your curiosity and spurs your energy. It doesn’t need a purpose, just do it for that feeling and flow.

I encourage all my clients who work hard and fast on building their business to also take up a passion project. Seeing them lit up is transformational and helps them to cultivate their identity prevent #burnout and gain a sense of achievement.

Passion projects are about freedom too, because there are no rules about what a passion project should be. The way to begin finding your passion is simple: be curious. Pay attention to what interests you. Your project is something you are drawn to, that’s why it’s a passion project – it elicits a strong emotion. It makes you feel like “Oooh! Yes, THAT!”

There’s no question: Personal passions drive entrepreneurship. And while there are plenty of excuses not to prioritise them, keeping them on a schedule is critical to #mentalhealth health and long-term success. Make a promise to yourself to always pursue the things you love, feeding your creative spirit and generating positive energy.

Then plan, focus, and act.