There is a general consensus these days about the benefits of working with a business coach. It has been proven to make you a better and more successful business owner. Many wonder how to find the right business mentor in the UK and I have some thoughts to share with you here.

The unpredictability of the business world is what makes a coach invaluable. Whether you’re at a startup phase, ready to expand overseas, or anywhere in between, a coach will push you outside your comfort zone and provide an unbiased opinion and reality check that will keep your business on track and running a business pleasurable.

So where can you find coaching that’s right for you?

The answer depends on your personal preference. Some folks will prefer the referral of a peer, or rely on online review sites. Others will be content with searching through relevant industry organisations.

Asking for recommendations from peers is not a foolproof way of finding a business coach, but a trusted recommendation is a far better solution than doing an internet search

It’s hard to tell the great coaches from the poor ones, but here are some methods I would recommend. For instance, you could stalk social media profiles of potential coaches to see if their messages align with their lifestyle.

Do they practice what they preach?

(You will find me mainly on Linkedin, do follow me or connect up with me ) When looking for a business mentor UK, make sure they have actually been running a business before. Can they walk their talk?

Watch their videos, read the articles, videos and posts they publish on different platforms.

Do you have that all-important chemistry and do you like their material?

Find a coach who can teach you what most other coaches cannot. It’s really easy to find out about all the things you should or shouldn’t do. Trust me. Your time is better spent on people who will give you more specific guidance and support you in that all-important implementation in your business and can really hold you accountable.

The coach you choose will have a significant impact on your success. Since experience is important, it’s crucial to take this into account together with knowledge and experience when choosing the right business mentor or coach for you. Also, you can get valuable introductions and hear about what other business owners have done to succeed.

It’s always a risk to pick the wrong business coach, so it helps to understand what you’re looking for if you’re going to work with someone. However, while there might not be an immediate return on your investment in them, it could really damage your confidence as a business owner.

Take time to get to know your coach and be sure that you will grow to trust them and respect them.

I heard of a company that had a tough time with its finances and had to stop paying its bills for some time.

They came to me after their previous business coach has encouraged them to diversify and set up a completely different business ( the business mentor had never run a business himself before ).

The business was at a growth stage in the new market sector and it was a time to focus and consolidate not expansion in new markets and new sectors.

He nearly went bust as a small business, but we together did a fast U-turn and worked with his core cashflows.

The most important thing to take into consideration when deciding whether to take on a coach is if you have good chemistry with them.

A good match is absolutely necessary for success for any business owner. Without it, the trust required to maximise the small business performance won’t happen.

One thing that I always say and you won’t hear from other coaches is that the coach should be able to deliver results – no matter how small even initially. It’s important to remember that they need to be worth what they charge and that any service should be cost-effective.

I offer busy business owners a free, expert diagnostic to show the areas they might be missing out on that would help their business thrive and grow. I also show you exactly the ROI you will get in coaching with me.

It’s 45mins and most clients find an extra £75k – 100k in their business in this short time. Have you been struggling? I am here for you, lets see how and where I can help your business.

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