How to build a successful business partnership?

That’s what I was told more than once early on in my career.

I obviously didn’t take it too seriously at the time, as I went on to have three partnerships throughout the last twenty-one years in business.

And yes, not all of them were positive experiences, including one ending in a legal battle. The industry was digital tech and at the time, and my partner was at the pinnacle of launching a new app.

I began to realise, however, that what we had successfully built us up so far was mainly a result of my connections and my investment. When I expressed this to them, that’s when things quickly went South.

How to build a successful business partnership? What I can say however is how much I learnt about my own strengths and independence through these relationships:

  • Trusting your instincts
  • Speaking up
  • Measuring and presenting your worth
  • Evaluating who you collaborate with
The true value of due diligence

These are the things I took forward with me to the ‘future’ I now find myself in, and then to my clients, many of them navigating business relationships as we speak.