“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” – Einstein.

It is easy for an industry to grow stagnant over time as people stick to tried and tested techniques and tools and don’t innovate.

For example, it has long been accepted in the consulting and coaching industry that the saying “Time equals money” is true. In reality, this is an outdated statement.

No doubt money is valuable. Almost everything around us costs us money. However, time is so much more valuable than money for these reasons:

  1. You can get back your money, but not time. Money is something tangible that you can hold in your hands. You can quickly gain it or adversely, lose it. Time does not work this way. There is no stopping time, no fast-forwarding, and no backtracking. Once time is gone, it’s gone forever.
  2. Time can make money, but money cannot buy more time. Putting more hours in, working overtime. That equates to larger profits. Adversely, time cannot be dealt with in currency. There are no stores where you can purchase more time.
  3. Money is not more important than happiness. Often people like to prioritize their financial goals. But even I, as a business coach, know how important it is to live a life too. A lot of people believe that money=success, however, this is simply not true. It’s important to be wealthy in all areas of life. Spend your time on adventures or seeing friends and family. You might not be able to again.

I know that time is more important than money. That is why I, as an experienced business owner, know how important it is to spend it wisely. Whether it’s spent delegating tasks, dropping clients that do not fit within my company or maintaining a healthy balance between work life and social life, it’s important to be wise. 

I respect how important your time is too, which is why I offer a right-to-the-point approach to seeing what your business can improve on and creating a personalized improvement plan to see it through.